Embarrassing moments from childhood continue to haunt students

Helena Hong, Staff Writer

True story: I came into my kindergarten class wearing my black and grey striped leggings, with my denim skirt on top and a white long sleeve shirt. Half way through class, I felt the need to go to the bathroom, which was inside the class. I was doing my business, and suddenly I heard a knock at the door. My heart was racing. I felt my blood rushing throughout my body. I didn’t know what to say. Before I knew it, the door opened. Standing in front of the door was the boy of my dreams. I could feel my face becoming a tomato. He didn’t say anything and shut the door. That day I didn’t want to leave the bathroom.

Everyone experiences multiple awkward and embarrassing situations in their lives. Here are some stories of these situations from students.
A senior who requested to stay anonymous shared her tragic chocolate incident. The senior said, “I was with a group of friends one night and I was eating Hershey Kisses. I didn’t realize that there was chocolate on the sides of my lips and on my teeth. I literally went the whole night with chocolate on my face and no one told me.”

Junior Alex Kolb said, “I was at summer training camp and snuck out of my room to go to the girls’ room to talk to them and my other guy friends because the other guys also snuck out. It got late so I just slept on the floor. The next day, the guys in my room asked why I never went back to my room. I tried to explain but they didn’t believe me. It was so awkward.”

An anonymous sophomore shared his embarrassing experience in the bathroom. The sophomore said, “When I was in first grade, I was peeing and my friend walked in and was at the urinal next to me. I turned to say ‘hi’ but didn’t realize where I was peeing and peed everywhere.”
A different sophomore who asked to remain anonymous confessed to a little accident that happened in seventh grade. Everyone accidentally cuts the cheese during class and this happened to her. The sophomore said, “I was in music and I accidentally farted. People looked at me and I said, ‘It was the chair.’ I was so embarrassed that I literally blamed it on the chair.”

Freshman Annabelle Cho said, “I was in the changing room and someone walked in. It was so awkward. She just apologized and ran away. I was so embarrassed.”

Freshman David Yune is a swimmer and has been swimming since he was young. Yune said, “When I was in elementary school, I was just swimming laps and doing the usual warm ups. For some reason, that day I was super competitive and during the warm ups, I was racing my friend. I was swimming too fast and didn’t see where I was going and I bumped my head on the pool wall. It hurt so badly.”