Students seek artistic futures


Jake Klugerman, Profiles Editor

During the fall, seniors are busy filling out their college applications. They all have their hopes set on schools and different programs. Students often are looking to continue their studies on a strictly academic path. A select few seniors are looking to not only continue academics studies, but they are also looking into special programs that are on a artistic path.

Some of these students had dreams of having a job in the artistic field since they were young, and as they apply to colleges are looking to find programs that fulfill their dreams. “I am applying to programs that center around character or 3D animation, although I would also like to experiment with 2D. Eleven-year-old me said I want to work for Pixar and present-day me is kind of just going through with it. Applying to an art program is me physically working towards that childhood dream,” senior Kalani Van Meter said.

Other art students have seen their interests in applying to an art program develop in high school. They recognize that specific programs allow them to make the best use of their skills, and allow them to pursue best what they want to do in their life. “I am applying to the USC Lovine and Young academy for the Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation, a program that combines art and design with computer science and business. In looking for schools, I am looking for majors that combine my interest in art and technology. I became interested in applying to this program because the cross-disciplinary curriculum would best prepare me for my future career,” senior Margaret Christovich said.

Throughout their time in high school, students planning to apply to art-related programs have built up experience in their intended field to prepare them for what lies ahead. “Throughout high school I have taken multiple website development courses that have allowed me to learn more about combining art about technology. I am also enrolled in the Academy of Information Technology program as well as the Humanities and Arts program at Wootton. Over the summer, I was a web design intern at KOA sports and developed a website for their new basketball program. These opportunities helped me grow in art and computer science,” Christovich said.

Applying to Art programs can take extra efforts. Students often have extra requirements needed to complete their application. Despite the extra time it takes to apply, it can be worth it for students who have a strong desire to continue their life on an artistic path. “Applying to art colleges takes a lot of effort in comparison to a regular college/university, but being able to go to school and do what you genuinely love every single day, I think is the most rewarding thing,” Van Meter said.

Students applying to art programs hope that the programs will allow them to eventually have a career in the arts field. “I intend to pursue a career in digital art. As technology is evolving, the need for more individuals in the digital workforce is growing. I have always enjoyed applying my creativity to art and feel combining art with technology will open endless opportunity for my future career,” Christovich said.