Do pep rallies increase school spirit?

Common Sense Editorial

Each year, our community has three pep rallies, fall, homecoming and spring. These rallies are a chance for our students to show off their school spirit. They are also used to get information out about different sports teams and upcoming events. Currently, every student is required to attend these pep rallies and will be stopped by security if they attempt to leave school.

Students argue that these pep rallies are pointless and they should just be able to go home 45 minutes earlier those days. They believe that there are other ways to demonstrate their school spirit, such as going to school sporting events. The school, on the other hand, wants all students to attend the pep rally so that they can support their community. Student athletes work hard for their sports teams and members of the SGA spend hours on planning and organizing each pep rally. “They give the student body an opportunity to see what other kids have worked hard in their sport and it gives the opportunity for the school to show school spirit and show off their accomplishments,” security team leader Chris Pucciarelli said.

In order to fully support our school and show school spirit, all students should continue to be required to attend pep rallies. Students on school sports teams dedicate much of their free time to practicing. A pep rally is one of the ways that student athletes can talk to the school and convince the community to come out and support them at their competitions. “I dedicate so much of my free time to soccer and it really means a lot when we tell people to come to our games at pep rallies and people actually show up to watch us play,” senior Ben Stoller said.

School spirit is a huge part of high school. All students should have school spirit because it is a great way to enjoy school even more. At pep rallies, students have the chance to show this school spirit through cheering and dressing up in class colors. Members of SGA put on skits and organize competitions such as tug-of-war to entertain the crowd. “We work really hard in SGA to ensure that the pep rallies are interesting and run smoothly,” senior SGA member Hunter Band said.

Even if students don’t want to attend pep rallies, there is nothing else they can do. If they try to leave, security is positioned at all exits to school property to stop them. Either way, pep rally or no pep rally, the school day still ends at 2:30 and students must stay until then. Students end up having fun at pep rallies and they come with benefits. “I love pep rallies because we get a shorter class schedule and get to show school spirit for our peers,” junior Erich Mayne said.

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