News Briefs

Board Education to vote on school Renovation
On Nov. 8, the Board of Education will hold a meeting where the Wootton cluster coordinator will testify in hopes to convince the board that Wootton should be fully renovated. Wootton was due to be the next high school renovated beginning in summer 2019. Due to a change in MCPS policy, no new renovations will occur county-wide until further facility assessments are completed for all schools. According to MCPS officials, regardless of the facility assessment, Wootton will not be fully renovated. Yet, Wootton is nearly 50 years old and is deteriorating. Needed repairs were put off for years due to the expected full renovation that is no longer occurring. The school is urging as many supporters as possible to attend the meeting in order to convince the board. If students are interested in testifying they should see an administrator.

Former Walter Johnson student posts disturbing message on Snapchat
Eight months ago, a former student from Walter Johnson posted on Snapchat, saying that he hoped “everyone at WJ dies.” A student at the school saw this message and showed it to the principal, who then notified the police. From there the police called the crisis center in order for them to evaluate the man, who after the evaluation was deemed not a threat. That man, Luis Cabrera has been charged with one count of threatening mass violence at a school. He went to court in front of a Montgomery County District Court judge who ultimately ordered that Cabrera cannot have access to buy any weapons. The 18 year old will go back to court on an undecided date to determine whether the order will be extended or not. (WTOP news)

Marching band wins at state championships
The marching band was coming off of second place finish last year in the state championship. On Oct. 20 at the state final the Patriots were looking to make a run at the first place prize for the school. Junior Kyle Wasserman was excited to go and compete as well as try to win. “It’s always fun when we play, and it’s a really great experience,” Wasserman said. The Patriots brought home the Division 3A state championship. They finished first place out of 39 other schools in their division, including Northwest, Quince Orchard and Rockville. “It was a great team win and we’re very proud to be called state champs,” Wasserman said.

– Jack Rothenberg, news editor