JV Field Hockey win against Cougars finishes off long season


Miller Romm
opinions editor

The girls’ JV field hockey season came to an end with a win against the Quince Orchard Cougars. They finished with a 5-1-3 record.

The girls started with a loss, but quickly picked it up to end.“We got so much better as the season went on,” sophomore captain Kelly Baldwin said.

The Patriots took on a recently struggling Northwood Gladiators team on Oct. 8. They started off hot with goals from Baldwin, sophomore captain Kirby Child, and freshmen Charlotte Christovich and Sophie Good to take a 4-0 lead. The girls were in such control that Coach Madison Avril decided to switch the offensive players and give the defensive players a chance to play. The squad came out with same momentum and scored early in the second half after freshman defender Anna Keneally received a pass by the goal.

Northwood was once again beaten by a score of 6-0. “We played well, and put it to them early, I am happy with how many of my friends scored,” freshman Emily Levine said.
The squad was ready to take on a tough Quince Orchard team on Oct. 12. Last year they won a tightly contested 1-0 game against the Cougars. The game started off poorly for the Patriots, with the ball mostly being in the Cougars’ hands. They struck early with a goal to give the QO a 1-0 lead. The game remained the same score throughout the majority of the first half, and stood until the Patriots received a corner and Child put it past the goalie to tie it up. “It felt good to get rid of that momentum and score,” sophomore Maya Erd said.

Both teams were playing strong in the second half. Both defenses showed amazing displays of protection, and the scoring was stalled. Erd kept the ball on the offensive side and consistently cleared the ball. It was not until the Patriots crossed a ball into the middle, that sophomore Anna Daraselia passed it to freshman Sage Gardiner who put it in. “It felt good to have the game-winning assist. It was a great way to end the season,” Daraselia said.

Varsity Coach Welma Luus recognized nine JV players and pulled them up to the varsity team after their impressive season earned them a spot on the team. Child, Baldwin, Daraselia, Erd, sophomore Sharon Oh, sophomore Rachel Son, as well as captain Erin Chang were the sophomores acknowledged for their excellent play. “It felt amazing to get called up. I have worked so hard to finally get recognized,” Son said.

There were also two freshman pulled up: Levine and Keneally were recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Only six of the girls dressed because some of the JV jerseys had the same number as varsity. The group was ready to make an immediate impact on a successful varsity team. “I believe they can handle the physicality and the pace of the game,” junior Alexa Kantor said.