Senior night marks end of era


Coaches, parents, athletes emotional after seniors’ last hurrah

Abby Russ
back page editor

For the Class of 2019, “senior szn” has arrived and, as the fall sports season is starting to wind down, that means that senior nights are approaching. Athletes await senior night from the beginning of the season or even since the beginning of their time playing for this school.

Senior night can be an emotional time for parents, coaches and athletes alike. It is the last home game for the seniors to play with their team.

On Oct. 9, varsity boys’ soccer celebrated their seniors. “Senior night was the best night of the year for me. It was a great experience getting honored like that. It made me a little emotional,” senior center back Kevin Scher said.

After playing soccer for 12 years but only planning on playing club in college, “I am going to be heartbroken by the end of the season because being together with the group of guys I got to see everyday was the greatest experience of my life so far. I am going to miss seeing them everyday once it’s all over,” Scher said.

For many players, parents can be their biggest cheerleaders, helping them get to practice, and encouraging them when times get rough. “I attend all of the home games and it was the nicest event related to Wootton Athletics I have ever experienced. I am going to miss seeing Kevin as happy as he was during the game, when he was on the field, as well as seeing all of his teammates cheering him on during the ceremony,” father David Scher said.

Senior Jack Berman, center for the varsity football team, has been playing football for 11 years. Nov. 2, senior night for the football team, is quickly approaching. “I am going to miss being able to compete against other people and playing with my friends, those of whom I have been playing with for a long time. I am extremely sad about senior night approaching. I’m going to miss this game a lot, the ability to grow as a person and get out what I put in. I also will miss the ability to play with my friends in front of the whole school,” Berman said.

On senior night, athletes are escorted by their parents out onto the field to celebrate and be recognized. “It will be extremely sad for us not being able to see Jack play again on the Wootton field but we are proud being able to look back on all the hard work that he put in. I will miss the football family and the sense of community,” mother Suzanne Berman said.

Senior Greg Urovsky is only in his first year playing football but senior night is going to be “emotional because it’ll be the last time I ever play on that field with these great guys. The best part of playing is the feeling of making a tackle and having the rest of the team get hyped with you,” Urovsky said.

Senior Meghan Murphy has been playing soccer for as long as she can remember. “Senior night is very surreal. It feels like just yesterday I was showing up to tryouts as a freshman and now my final season of soccer is coming to an end,” Murphy said.