NHS walk addresses issue deserving of our attention


Monica Godnick
news editor

The sun was shining down on the track and music was playing through the speakers while students supported a good cause step by step.

The National Honors Society (NHS) had their annual Walk for the Homeless on Oct. 6 after school at the stadium. Students and teachers walked laps around the track in order to raise money for Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.

According to Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless’ website, their mission is to decrease the frequency of homelessness. The general vision they have is to create a community where everyone can have a home in a safe and stable place. Their three specific goals in partnership with Montgomery County are to “end chronic homelessness in 2018; to prevent and end homelessness for families with children and youth by 2020; and, to set a path to ending all types of homelessness.”

Junior Jessica Llewellyn said that doing an action as simple as walking can be a huge contribution to society. “Walking around the track is an example of how it isn’t complicated to find a way to help those in need and make an impact,” Llewellyn said.

Social studies teacher Anne-Marie Steppling said that NHS works with the local organization throughout the year. “We pack breakfast for them, and we also raise money for them at the beginning of the year to help out with Montgomery County’s homeless population,” Steppling said.

Steppling also said she thought that the walk ended up being a success. “The walk was great. It was sunny, we played music, everyone got out to the track and had a good time. It was a good turnout, an average turnout,” Steppling said.

Junior Emily Sherman said she got to enjoy the experience with a friend who also took part in the walk. “It was a good opportunity to support an important cause and catch up with friends. I will definitely be participating next year,” Sherman said.

Students who already had extracurricular activities, such as sports, also joined in. The walk was also an opportunity to gain service hours. “I walked a mile with my friends from soccer before our game and it was a fun and easy way to get hours. It was also for a really good cause that deserves the attention,” junior Miranda Wright said.

Junior Mainee Schleret also went with her friends from the volleyball team. “We were going to have a game that day anyways so we were already staying together after school,” Schleret said.

The event occurred during homecoming week and spirit week, thus members of the school were dressed in the theme of ‘jersey day’. “It was really hot in the sun. Especially since we were all wearing leggings or jeans and our long sleeve jerseys,” Schleret said.

Schleret said that the walk only supported t the homeless but it helped her too. “It was a well needed break from the stresses of school and sports and we got to talk about random stuff for almost an hour,” Schleret said.