Senior breakfast, photo garner mixed reviews


Joyce Yang
staff writer

Senior portrait and breakfast was on Oct. 10 at 9:15 a.m., while underclassmen took the PSAT.

The event was organized by Senior Planning. The breakfast was donation based and encouraged students to contribute to ensure that there was enough food and tableware. Every senior who came got a senior lanyard as well. “I thought it was nice. I was able to see a lot of friends I don’t normally encounter on a daily basis because of scheduling differences. Overall, it was a great way to catch up with others,” senior Laila Ghorab said.

After going over directions in the gym, everyone went from the main gym to the stadium where the picture was taken. The stadium was crowded as seniors took several pictures standing, sitting and making funny faces. “The senior picture took way too long. First, not all the seniors were present, and people were arriving late so we had to retake the photo. We also should’ve taken the picture on the other side of the bleachers where there was a sign that said ‘we love seniors’,” senior Alex Zhang said.

When pictures were over, all the seniors rushed down the bleachers toward the cafeteria where the food was located. There, students pushed others away and cut the lines.

Some students faced difficulties with their dietary restrictions. “The breakfast could’ve been better because I am gluten-free and a lot of the food there I couldn’t even eat,” senior Jenny Kien said.