ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Does our school lack spirit?

Mollika Singh
front page editor

We lack school spirit here.

You do have your outliers, concentrated in seniors, SGA and sports teams like football and cheer. But overwhelmingly, the student body doesn’t seem proud to be Patriots. And it seems that some of those outlier groups may be to blame.

Students don’t mind pep rallies, but not because they are excited to show their spirit. “I look forward to pep rallies [because there is] less class and sometimes the Woottonettes perform and are funny and better than anyone else at the pep rally,” junior Arnav Patra said.

Students have fun regardless of the reason, whether it takes the form of groaning at sports’ teams jokes or laughing when the Poms’ music track is inevitably messed up. “Pep rallies aren’t fun, friends just make them more bearable,” sophomore Jacob Kaplan-Davis said.

Students take issue with the typical events of pep rallies. “I enjoy being with my friends but they can be boring no one wants to hear a parade of sports captains,” Patra said.
Patra, who moved to the area a few years ago, suggests that SGA add to the regular sports introductions and cheer and poms performances. “What my old school did was way better. They have a bubble soccer [match] every year between football and soccer kids and it’s super funny, and then they do it between the classes,” Patra said.

Not only the events but the circumstances of pep rallies put off students. “I do not look forward to pep rallies as they are boring and are outside and it tends to be extremely hot or cold outside,” Kaplan-Davis said.