ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Best/Worst Student Section Themes

Christina Liu
front page editor

September always calls for one of the most important decisions student planning groups have to make: homecoming float themes. This year’s overarching homecoming theme was amusement parks, announced by the SGA on, Sept. 7. Common Sense ranks the class floats.

#4: Juniors, Legoland

Building their way up to fourth place is the juniors, with their Lego roller coaster float. Their take on Legoland was fun and fresh, and they also had various ideas that were safely guarded during the weeks leading up to homecoming. This nostalgic theme was sure to catch the eyes of students.

#3: Freshmen, Seaworld

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the freshmen this year exceeded everyone’s expectations with their Seaworld float design, but it seems like they played it safe this time with casual ideas and nothing really eye catching. The float was decorated with vibrant cutouts of different animals and sealife, and was overall a well put-together (although simple) design. The fish dangling from colorful streamers in the Freshman hallway made it seem like a walk through aquarium.

“I’m really proud of my grade, and I think that the fish and other animal cutouts that we put onto our float really adds a special touch to it,” freshman Le Ahn Metzger said.

#2: Sophomores, Hershey Park

Starting the week of homecoming for the creation of the sophomore float and hallway surely won’t lead to success, yet the sophomores managed to pull it off. Designing to the best of their ability, the float was garnished with giant candies and mimicked the entrance to Hershey Park, while their hall was a tour of the chocolate conveyor belt. Sophomore planning vice president Joshua Mariani had big plans for their Hershey Park theme. “I think that it was a good idea to base our hallway off of the Hershey chocolate conveyor belt,” Mariani said. “We had kind of a last minute plan, but I know our class will still do well.”

#1: Seniors, Disneyworld

The seniors take the cake this year with their Disneyworld, princess and safari jumble. Talented freehand artists took the job of creating princesses along the Disney castle float, while other members worked to create a lively journey through a colorful safari.

Although some grades find senior planning to have an unfair advantage to homecoming, senior Caitlin Chang said that seniors have more and larger scale activities that other classes don’t. “The senior class has lots of responsibilities that don’t apply to underclassmen, such as planning senior breakfast, POTH, and TNL, which is why I don’t think it’s unfair for us to have a splanning class period,” Chang said.