JV Field Hockey: Rallies after home opener loss; wins tough games against Vikings, Wildcats

Miller Romm
opinions editor

The Patriots have been on a winning streak and have been controlling the possession game significantly. “It feels good, the girls have been putting in so much work, and the rest of the season should be even better,” sophomore captain Kelly Baldwin said.
The girls lost their home opener to the Sherwood Warriors, but have responded with tight and dramatic wins. The squad has outscored opponents 4-0 in the past two games and put their record to a successful 2-1. “I am really proud with how we have performed and think we can go undefeated the rest of the season,” sophomore captain Erin Chang said.

The Patriots were ready to take on the challenge of the Walter Johnson Wildcats on Sept. 20. Last year the team won 2-0 in a game that got away from the Wildcats. The game started strong for both defenses, each team holding steady. The offenses could not get anything going, and the ball stayed in the middle of the field most of the first half. The half ended 0-0 with neither team gaining any ground.

The second was more of the same from both of the stellar defenses. The score remained 0-0, with frustration from both of the attackers. “We couldn’t get anything going, but our defense stepped up for us,” freshman Emily Levine said.

With two minutes left, both defenses cleared their zones and the second half ended in a tight 0-0 game. Overtime started and the Patriots looked back to old form. They controlled possession and were attacking relentlessly. Finally the Wildcats defense broke down and freshman Anna Keneally put the game to rest with her first high school goal. “It felt good to win a tight, hard fought game,” Levine said.

The Patriots looked to continue this hot streak against the Whitman Vikings on Sept. 26.
The game started off with chances from both sides. The Viking offense started out attacking, but both defenses stayed strong. The first half stayed at a 0-0. The weather continued to affect the game and refs finally ended it. The next game was against the BCC Barons on Sept. 28.

The girls started off the game hot by creating opportunity after opportunity. They controlled the possession, but could not finish. The first half ended 0-0, but the girls had confidence in their chances. The start of the second remained much of the same. The squad kept taking shots, but constantly got denied. The half ended and the score was 0-0; it was overtime again. Sophomore Kirby Child had a close chance, but could not put it away. Her frustration led to a yellow card, which got her kicked out of the game. The offense never got going and game ended in a 0-0 tie, which pushed their overall record to 3-1-2.

The Patriots took on rival Churchill Bulldogs on Oct. 8, too late to be included.