Potomac River hosts new sailing club formed by students


Brent London

On the Potomac River, a pair of students wear life jacket vests and shout with exhilaration. A strong breeze blows across their faces as they sail down big waves with spray flying.
They can see the sheen on the water ahead as their hearts pump with excitement. With smiles, they feel relaxed and part of the natural world.
On Sept. 29, new Sailing Club members met with president and captain Kinnari Harjivan in sponsor Suzanne Pykosh’s classroom to discuss the objectives of the club and prepare them for sailing in the water.
The club is a new addition to the school this year and was founded by a junior here who also sails herself. “I started this club because sailing isn’t really a well-known sport and I wanted more people to get into it. It’s different from other sports and that’s what makes it so cool,” Harjivan said.
Harjivan has been sailing for 11 years at the collegiate level. “My mom got me into it. She stuck me in a sailing camp in Canada and I ended up loving it,” she said.
Harjivan strives to do her best not only as a sailor, but as a leader. “I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do as president. Since it’s the first year, I want to make sure that everyone is safe and they know what they’re doing,” she said.
Pykosh also has experiences in sailing since she participated in the sport as a high schooler. “I think having a sponsor who actually knows the sport adds more to the club. We have more people teaching it to new members like me,” junior Riana Inocencio said.
Junior Madison Gober joined the club as soon as it was approved and became the secretary. “I think it’s a really interesting and unique sport. I love being in the water and sailing seems so relaxing,” she said.
Through the DC Sail Yacht Club, students here can sail on the Potomac River on FJ’s and Collegiate 420’s. Harjivan plans to hold meetings year-round with occasional sailing during the fall and spring. “I’m really excited to actually go out sailing for the first time, especially since it’s on the Potomac,” Inocencio said.
Meetings are held twice a month and during the meetings, club members can learn sailing techniques and racing tactics. “What’s great about the club is that you don’t need any experience to join. Even if you’ve never sailed before, we’ll teach you everything you need to know,” Harjivan said.
This club not only allows students to learn how to sail and build a new skill, but it also teaches them how to work effectively as a team out on the water. I think sailing is just more than a hobby or a sport,” Harjivan said.


Cindy Chu

Staff Writer