Advantages, disadvantages to living life as student-athlete

Erin Frost
staff writer

Being a student athlete has its disadvantages, but has its upsides as well. While in season can be exhausting both mentally and physically, students do it for the love of the game.

With practice five days a week for most sports, and games that can take place either during the week or on the weekend, being on a team can consist of an extremely busy schedule. The team is expected to be top priority, after school and family of course, which means being present at every practice is crucial. With these practice times, scheduling appointments that fit in the available time ranges can be difficult.

With the packed schedule, homework, maintaining necessary hours of sleep, and additional things such as out of school sports, tutoring, and jobs can be tough to balance. “Once I get home from practice, I have to start my hours homework right away, and find myself getting little sleep when managing football, schoolwork and sleep,” junior Larry Feldman said.

Although being busy is stressful, it can also help with time management. When in season, it is harder to procrastinate with work, knowing the little time available to complete it. “With cross country, I have adjusted to my schedule and learned how to give myself enough time to complete all my given work. Now as a senior, I notice how much not putting off my work paid off,” senior Adna Trakic said.

Sometimes being part of a team takes away time spent with friends, as practice can take place during a time when all of your friends are together.“Having practice and games takes away from the time I can use to hangout with friends, but in the end, It is worth it,” sophomore Jordan- Cole Sanni said.

A sports team also means meeting new people. New friends can be made, and bonds with teammates are created. Teammates practice together, go through wins and losses, good times and stressful, and these relationships can be held whether on or off the field. “Being on soccer gave me so many new friends and memories with people I know have my back,” junior Katie Barnett said.