Teacher spotted at Childish Gambino concert


Amy Weintraub
commons editor

Childish Gambino announced a few months back that he was going on tour ever for his last time ever.

He began the tour in his hometown of Atlanta, GA, made his way through D.C. and anticipated ending the tour after passing through all 18 different locations on Oct. 12, but he ended up having to stop his tour mid-way through and postpone the rest. For all the fans out there, if you missed out on his last concert in D.C., don’t worry because English teacher Kristen Haynes made sure not to miss it.

Depending on the location, Childish Gambino had either Vince Staples open for him or Rae Sremmurd. At his D.C. concert at Capital One Arena, Rae Sremmurd performed as the opening act. “In the past year I’ve been to about seven concerts. The most recent concerts I’ve been to were Jay Z and Beyonce and Childish Gambino. Both were amazing but if I had to choose which I enjoyed the most, it would be Childish Gambino. I felt his passion in his performance and it was a very authentic show,” Haynes said.

According to Haynes, the childish Gambino concert sold out the day of the concert. Jay Z and Beyonce didn’t sell out. Childish Gambino made his way into the audience twice during his D.C. performance and sang acapella for the crowd. The arena was decorated with colorful strobe lights and fog machines on every corner of the stage. Childish Gambino performed around a dozen songs, including a new song that he has not yet been released.

Childish Gambino incorporated humor in his performance. He told the crowd he was “taking them to church.” After spotting a fan in the audience on their phone, he walked up to her and snatched the phone out of her hand. He told the girl and the whole audience, “I told yall I was taking you to church. You don’t take out your phones in church do you?”

“‘This isn’t a concert. It’s an experience’: Childish Gambino sees his D.C. performance as a form of ‘church,’” The Washington Post said.

Just four days after performing at the Capital One Arena, Childish Gambino injured himself on stage during a show at the Dallas’ American Airlines Center on Sept. 23. He was left unable to perform the last 30 minutes of his concert. “He aggravated a pre-existing injury by continuing to perform on it in the past,” TMZ said.

An official at the American Airlines Center confirmed after the show that Childish Gambino did indeed break his foot while attempting to do the splits but other sources claim he misstepped during a dance move. He left the stage and ended the concert without performing his most popular songs, ‘Redbone’ and ‘3005’.

Haynes thinks that this tour isn’t Childish Gambino’s last tour. “I think there is a possibility that he will continue to tour in the future but under his real name, Donald Glover,” Haynes said.