Marching band sweeps Marine Corps Invitational


Jake Klugerman
senior profiles editor

The marching band competed in the Marine Corps invitational competition at the Marine Corps stadium in Annapolis, on Sept. 29. The marching band competed in the 3A class division against six other schools and won best music, best visual, best overall percussion, best colorguard, best overall effect and first place overall. These awards are decided by judges who watch all of the marching bands perform.

Success in competitions like the marching band has had does not come easy. They have been preparing since the previous school year to make sure they were in their top form for competitions. “We had practice for competitions starting in the end of last school year, and we had rehearsals over the summer three times a week. We also had two weeks of band camp, which was all day everyday,” senior baritone player George Casper said.

The team increased their practice time as the competition got closer. This helped them perfect their routine, and make sure they avoided any small errors. “We have two and a half hour long practices where we practice our show, and clean it of any mistakes. On competition day we come to school four to six hours before our performance to practice, then when we get to the competition location we warm up for an hour or two,” senior color guard equipment manager Tiffany Chen said.

For the marching band, practice is important because a little mistake by just one member of the team can throw everyone off and damage the team’s chance of winning awards. The marching band members have to be aware of what they are doing and what the people around them are doing in order to be successful. “When a color guard member messes up if they hit someone in the band, that is a bad situation. In the band itself, if someone hits a wrong note it could make us lose points. The ways our drill work are very dependent on each other. If one person is out of place, it is very obvious to the judgers,” Chen said.

Winning is a priority. The team puts hours of time into their craft in order to be at a high level, to get themselves a win. Everyone on the team is counting on each other and no one wants to let their fellow bandmates down. “Everyone has a drive to win. Winning is not the only reason why people do the marching band, but there still is a big motivation to win and do well for each other,” Casper said.
Students have noticed the band, and their talent, especially from watching them at the football games. “I like our marching band, and it does not surprise me that they win competitions. They have their own unique style compared to marching bands that I see at college football games, and they always make their routine like a show,” senior Matthew Winson said.

The marching band has more competitions coming up and hopes to keep up their winning ways. “We have a competition on Saturday the 13th at Paint Branch, and then one then week after that at Towson for states, and then nationals are on November 5,” Chen said.