Impressive win-streak gives hope for states run after placing third last year


After an impressive season last year the golf team is looking to make a run for it. The team is led by personal finance teacher Lesley Stroot, who is coaching the golf team for her first year. Last season the golf team placed third in states and have their hopes set even higher.
The Patriots are off to an 2-0 start after inclement weather has delayed or canceled most of their matches. Their most recent match was on Sept. 13 against BCC, Whitman and Sherwood. Their last practice before their match the six starters were chosen. The six players who shoot the lowest scores qualify for the match.
For the first two matches the six starters have been senior Noah Simon, senior Andrew Peng, junior Ben Bloch, junior Yuvraj Singh, and sophomores Ryan Feldman and Ethan Chelf. Singh said, “I am not only excited for our upcoming matches, but for this season as a whole, we have been practicing a lot and are ready to bring a state title back to Wootton.”
During their last match Simon shot a 36, Chelf shot a 35, Bloch shot a 39, Singh shot a 39, Feldman shot a 41 and Peng shot a 40. They played the first nine holes of the Northwest golf course. After the match and the shots were counted up the Patriots won the match by three strokes. Feldman said, “We are off to a good start and we are hoping to keep it going until playoffs.”
The Patriot’s previous match was on Aug. 28 and consisted of the Patriots, BCC, Quince Orchard and Northwest. All of the same starters played for the Patriots and were able to knock off the other teams with the overall best score. This was the Patriots first win, but is now a part of their undefeated record.
With practices two times a week and a qualifier the Patriots will be getting ready for their next match against multiple teams in the county. Their next qualifier is on Sep. 18 and will determine the starters for the following match on Sep. 20. Any six players on the golf team are eligible to qualify for any match as long as they shoot one of the lowest six scores.
A long season is ahead for the Patriots with an average of seven to eight matches. After this, seeding will take place and playoffs will begin.. Churchill and Whitman are two of the other impressive teams in the county that will be looking to make a run as well. Chelf said, “ I’m glad to be a part of the team again and we are all looking forward to an impressive season.”
After the qualifier on Sept. 18 there were severeal golfers able to quialify for the match on Sept. 20. The golfers who quialfied were Siman, Feldman, Peng, senior Jay Raichura, Chelf and Quam. The top score of the qualifier was a 43, shot by Quam. The match takes place at Little Bennet Golf Course.
This year’s golf team has extremely high expectations after finsihing 3rd in states lasr year. “I really and strongly believe that with the young core we have, should be able to easily win states. I really feel that we are going to win states,” Bloch said.
Even with a new coach, the young core of Feldman and Chelf will help propel this team to a ring. “After being on the team last year I saw how good our young core was, but it was not developed just yet to get a ring, but this year with an extra year of development, I think the end result will be a title,” former captain Simon Bloch said.
The young core has no problem stepping up to the plate. “It is kind of nerve racking playing these matches, knowing that it leads to a state title, but I am ready.” said Chelf.