Girls’ soccer kicks off promising season after rain delays

As the team sits in the parking lot, awaiting the news, the girls try to stay optimistic. With the cancellation from the night before, the JV girls’ soccer team hoped they’d be able to play their rival Churchill. On Sept. 14 due to weather assumptions, the game was cancelled for the second time. With the girls let down and disappointed, they had no choice but to move on and get ready for their next game against Clarksburg on Sept. 17, which was also postponed because of weather conditions.
The team has had a mixed season so far. The team consists of only five sophomores and 16 freshmen. In their first game, they came out strong with a 3-1 win against Poolesville on Sept. 4, the first day of school.
The girls dominated. “It was the perfect first game for our team to start working together and playing better,” freshman goalie Jamie Reyer said.
Sophomore captain Leah Starr had the first goal of the game. Following her, freshman Orly Benaim scored the next two goals against Poolesville.
In addition to the young group of girls, JV received a new coach this year. Cara Traub is a 2014 Wootton graduate and graduated from the University of Maryland this past spring. This is her first job since graduating from college and she is ready for this opportunity considering she was a player for the soccer team during all four of her years here.
The team has been working on playing as a unit and making plays to improve their speed these past few weeks.
The second game against Saint John’s Sept. 11 ended in a tough loss of 3-0. St John’s came out strong, but the team fought hard. “It was tough but I know we tried and did our best,” sophomore captain Sarah Woodward said.
The team kept their heads up and finished the game with pride, knowing they still have many games ahead. “I’m excited for the season because I love this group of girls I think we can really play well together if we put our minds to it,” sophomore Kat Jackson said.
The next game against Richard Montgomery, on Sept. 20, was too late to be included.