Seniors enjoy new freedom

Seniors generally have more freedom when making their schedules. This may come in the form of taking more enjoyable classes, being a teacher aide or office helper, or most commonly taking part in an internship or dual enrollment classes.
These alternate schedules have benefits. When a student takes an internship or take a dual enrollment class, it allows them to explore real life experiences, whether that be in a job setting, or a college classroom setting. Other benefits include being able to sleep later in the mornings and having a shorter class schedule here.
For internships, the benefits are plentiful. These include gaining hands-on skills in a field you are interested in, helping to define career goals, acquiring opportunities to advance and get job offers.
Internships also help you to stand out when applying to colleges and for jobs, because there are networking opportunities with professionals. This is important for future life opportunities. “I choose to do an internship because I am a firefighter, and it allows me to help people during the day. Last year, I was not able to do this because I had a full schedule,” senior Sean Alcicek said.
Dual Enrollment classes allow students to gain college experience while simultaneously earning college credit. These classes range from business to communications. Classes are offered online, at Montgomery College, or at the Universities at Shady Grove. When participating in dual enrollment classes, students gain the opportunity to engage with college professors in a college classroom setting, get a head start on college classes, and gain additional skills and confidence that is necessary to succeed in college.
Another reason why dual enrollment is popular is because on the days students don’t have classes, they can sleep in during first, second and third period. “I am in the Intro to Business class and it is awesome. I get to earn college credit and explore my interest in business at the same time. Plus, a little extra sleep never hurts,” senior Grayson Vaughn said.
Ultimately, alternate schedules offer freedom and flexibility. “I’m glad I chose an alternate schedule. I think all seniors should do it,” senior Lexi Douglas said.