Fall for this autumnal festival that leafs viewers delighted


Rain falls, drenching the neighborhood. With all events cancelled, groups of people huddle together indoors. A measly attempt to play cards is made and sadly fails. Yet unbeknownst to them a festive is just miles away called Art Rave DC. “Its a really interesting experience,” junior Chole Wells said.
Art Rave DC is a festival combining visual art and accessories, occuring every Saturday, located on 15th Street NW DC,from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. “You can see illustration work like mine, African or other ethnic art, wood sculpture, fashion accessories, homemade food items, or classic landscape and portrait art. Customers can find some unique arts and craft items they would not see in a commercial retail venue,” Art Rave DC artist Robert Steel said.
Popularity can determine success, so the more people attending, the more successful the artists will be. “Hundreds of people come every week,“ senior Michael O’Neil said.
It can be hard to satisfy everyone with the same entertainment. Art Rave has many different vendors, and new ones station there each weekend. “It was a really fun event. I often can’t agree with my family on what to do, and everyone liked this,” O’Neill said.
Art Rave is located in DC, which some students avoid. “ I usually hate going to DC due to the traffic. But this event had art in different ways I hadn’t seen before,” O’Neil said.
Pricing can be a deal breaker when deciding to buy something, but this festival has free admission. “ I am selling prints for $35-$85 depending on size. Original art can be hundreds of dollars. Other handmade items can be priced reasonably. Some vendors will negotiate prices,” Steel said.
Quality should be crucial when it comes to art. Commercial pieces may not hold the same value. Every artist’s work at Art Rave is handmade, including jewelry. “I have been drawing as long as I can remember. One of my drawings can take several weeks up to several months, depending on how complex the composition is,” Art Rave DC artist Robert Steel said.
Art Rave artists use unusual materials and a variety of composition techniques. “I received a stronger response from people when I started using black and white. So I just stayed with it. What’s unique is how I juxtapose symbols and images to make a statement or tell a story. Also the combination of materials is unique. I don’t know any other artist who uses my particular technique,” Steel said.