Administrator Tiffany Awkard excited for new opportunity


Dr. Tiffany Awkard, joined the community as the new 11th grade administrator, and principal intern. A change at an administrative position affects all the students in the school, especially the students who are in the grade.
Awkard has a long background of working in schools that will help her in becoming a key leader here. “I’ve been an administrator for over 10 years, and I have worked at both high school and middle school levels. A lot of my experiences have been at a variety of different schools and different demographics. I started my administrative career at MCPS,” Awkard said.
This community is unique, and Awkard is excited to be a part of what makes this place stand out. “Wootton has been amazingly great so far. The academic program is of very high quality, the kids are great, and the staff works very hard. The level of rigor and academic excellence sets Wootton apart,” Awkard said.
Junior year is the most important academic year for students and Awkard knows the importance of supporting her students as their administrator during this challenging time for them. “My goal is to know all the 11th graders by name, and know their plans for the future. I am going around asking kids their name, and trying to get to know them. I work very collaboratively with the counselors so I can have an understanding of all the kids. I also want to forge strong relationships with parents to help their kids,” Awkard said.
Juniors know that having a new administrator in such an important year can be a challenge. Both sides must be determined to form a strong relationship in order to be successful in planning for their future. “I have not met Dr. Awkard yet, but I look forward to meeting her, and I have heard good things about her. I know that as my administrator, she has a big role in determining my future plans,” junior Samir Patinkar said.
In addition to being the 11th grade administrator, Awkard is also a principal intern. “A principal intern is essentially a program that provides the opportunity for me to understand the role of the principal at a high school, be able to shadow Ms. Boldon,” Awkard said.
Awkard is looking forward to the opportunity of being a principal intern. “I will be working with staff and helping to execute a vision. I will also be working with students and families, and I will really be able to get feedback and develop my own understanding and knowledge of what it takes to lead a school,” Awkard said.