Freshmen face fresh start, big changes in high school

Hundreds of students walked into a new school and faced crowded hallways, unfamiliar faces and more work than ever before. As past middle-schoolers become high-schoolers, the first week can be both hectic and exciting.
The move from one school to another can feel a little crazy. “The first week was different in a good way, but to sum it up in one word, high school is simply crazy,” freshman Jordan Cole-Sanni said. “It is just a lot to take in at once. I knew the amount of work would be crazy, but I just did not know exactly what to expect.”
One major adjustment that has to be made is to the amount of work given, whether in class or at home. “In comparison to middle school, within the first week I already notice the difference in work that I have. It is manageable, but more than expected,” freshman Emily Levine said.
No bells, five minutes between each class and not knowing where to go can be a little tough when getting used to a new school. “A big difference I have noticed within the first week was not having bells, and making sure I get to class within the five minutes I am given. With my schedule being up and down the stairs from class to class, I found it difficult finding my classes on time the first few days, but it is getting easier as time goes on,” freshman Jaimie Morris said.
There is more to high school than just the stress of workload and classes; it can also be exciting. “I like the wide range of classes I have to choose from, and how I can choose my schedule in a way that is fitting for me and my own interests,” freshman Nicole Wasserman said.
In addition to having a well, adjusted schedule to satisfy one’s interests, another major positive change is the mesh of Frost and Cabin John into one. “I am excited to be in a school with new people, and I always enjoy having the opportunity to make new friends,” Wasserman said.
With the rest of the year and the rest of high school remaining, freshmen look forward to making memories.