Networks reveal TV fates


Popular TV shows survive through next year or get cancelled

As if May isn’t stressful enough with final exams and projects, students also have to worry if their favorite television shows will be renewed or canceled as network executives reveal their decisions. Most of these shows have passed the chopping block, including four of the following five programs.
American Idol: Starting off this list is the music competition show that was a phenomenon for 15 seasons on Fox before it was canceled, and then revived for a second run on ABC. The new American Idol kept its original host Ryan Seacrest, while revamping its judges’ panel with singers Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Upon its renewal on May 4, viewers can expect another round of cringe-worthy auditions, inspiring back-stories and exceptional performances to come next year.
Black Mirror: Let’s face it: America loves dystopian futures, as signified by the success and continuous renewal of the hit science fiction show Black Mirror. This year’s renewal was a special one as it came March 5, two months before the usual announcements are made. The Netflix show usually takes gaps of more than 12 months between seasons, but fans can be hopeful and excited to know that season five has already begun filming.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: If you thought American Idol’s two years was a short wait for a revival, then you’ll be shocked by Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After five seasons on Fox, Andy Samberg’s critically acclaimed comedy about a lovably eccentric squad of police officers was cancelled on May 10, only to be brought back the following day by NBC. Characters like Jake, Boyle, Rosa and Captain Holt will all be back to work as hilarious crime-stoppers in early 2019.
Rick and Morty: Just like character Rick’s beloved Szechuan sauce, the animated comedy Rick and Morty is coming back from a hiatus with more hype than ever before. In fact, on May 10, the Adult Swim channel announced that it was not just renewed for one season, but for the equivalent of seven. The only caveat is that the earliest you’ll be able to see Rick, Morty, and their zany colleagues is in late 2019.
Roseanne: Unfortunately, no great show can last forever, as seen with Roseanne. After 21 years off the air, the hit ‘90s ABC sitcom, which lasted nine seasons, was revived this past March for season 10 and was initially renewed for an 11th season. However, on May 29, its bright future came crashing down when its renewal was reversed after showrunner Roseanne Barr shared a racist tweet toward one of President Barack Obama’s aides, Valerie Jarrett. Barr may never get to appear on the small screen ever again, but there are currently talks of bringing back the show with the remainder of the cast for yet another revival.
Whether you do it after finishing all your homework or while trying to avoid it, watching TV is a pastime that helps distract from a student’s daily struggles. Again, no great show lasts forever, so be sure to cherish every renewal that comes your favorite show’s way.