June stirs emotion


Community reflects at end of school year

As school winds down to the last couple of weeks, a lot of emotions fill students’ minds as they can’t wait to walk out of the school for the summer. Students may feel excitement, overwhelmed, and ready for their upcoming plans they have coming right around the corner.
The feeling of getting straight out of school, and not looking back for the two and a half months they have without any worries of due dates and studying is common. Although, some students may not want to stop coming to school everyday. There could be many reasons for this, maybe not having plans for the summer, or honestly enjoying school and learning something new everyday.
Students seem to take both sides. “I’m so excited for summer I can’t even explain. But I’m also sad about leaving some of my friends that I most likely won’t see over the summer,” sophomore Katie Barnett said.
Depending on someone’s plans for the summer, it’ll show whether school ending is a good, or not so good thing. “I have to work all summer so I’m not really excited for that, but I am happy about being done with school and being able to hangout with my friends and have fun,” junior Julia Clair said.
During school, students seem to be constantly worrying about studying for tests and exams, or about not getting a good enough grade in the class. During summer, they’re able to take a break from all of that and just relax. While some students may be visiting colleges, or doing internships, the stress of school isn’t there.
“School gives me a lot of stress so summer is the time for me to regroup and not worry about the tests, projects, and stuff like that,” Barnett said.
As the countdown to the last day comes closer, students’ anxiety and impatience begin to increase. They will start taking their work less seriously, and focus less on their homework or studying for their final tests or quizzes. “In most of my classes, my teachers have stopped giving as much work because they know we’re basically done with school for the year,” freshman Danielle Berman said.
For teachers, the school year ending may also be a feeling of relief considering they don’t have to work either. “I’m ready to chill and spend time with my family this summer,” math teacher Suzanne Pykosh said.
The extension of the school year from June 12 to June 15 due to snow day cancellations will also cause the impatience of students to increase. The three extra days added create more “busy work” for students as they await the last day. “Those last two days are going to be a joke because all of the teachers will probably already be done with their last lesson plans,” Clair said.
Emotions of school ending differ in the community. Regardless, students should try their best to finish the school year on a strong note, and prepare to head out for a great summer.