Motivation dwindles as school year reaches end


Do you lose all motivation in your classes once your AP exams are complete? If so, you aren’t the only one.
Students prepare all year in their AP classes in order to get ready for the spring AP exam. Once their exams are over some students do very little in their AP classes for the rest of the year, while others have a project or other types of assignments.
In AP NSL, after the exam there are no more tests, quizzes, or new material covered. Students learned all the material they needed for the actual exam and now are doing a final project. There was no time during the finance unit of this course to cover budgeting in detail, therefore it is the focus of the class for the remaining time. “It is nice to have a change in the atmosphere of the class from being stressful to more fun and relaxing,” history teacher Christina Rice said.
Rice also uses the class time after the exam for enrichment activities that she did not have time to complete with her students until after the exam.
In AP Psychology students have a Power Point project in which they choose a topic related to psychology. They share their presentation to the class. The class also watched two movies related to psychology topics, Ted Bundy and A Beautiful Mind. Ted Bundy is about a psychopath serial killer and A Beautiful Mind is about a man named John Nash who has schizophrenia. “The workload is lighter after we took the exam, but we deserve it after all the hard work we put in studying for the exam,” junior Margaret Christovich said.
After students took the exam for AP Computer Science they started a project on coding. “The class is a lot calmer than before and a lot easier but we still have some work to do before the year is done,” freshman Danielle Berman said.
In AP Language and Composition, after the exam the students begin working on their college application essays. Since every student applying to college must have a common app essay, this enables the students to get an early start on this important component of the college application process. “I am relieved the bulk of the class is complete and I can begin focusing on my most important college essay,” junior Kayla Hill said.
Once students took their exam for AP Spanish they began watching a movie in class. The movie is in Spanish and as they watch the movie students must answer questions in a packet that accompanies the movie.
For students in AP Human Geography, juniors can choose any school or state that interests them and write information on the demographics of that area. “I like having the freedom to do research on anywhere in my choosing and that is why I chose University of Mississippi,” junior Dede Beck said.