Opportunities for students during summer


Pre-college programs, jobs, summer institute, internships, SSL hours among options

With summer fast approaching, students’ excitement is growing. Eleven stress-free weeks. Eleven weeks we wait all school year for. While students look forward to spending this time relaxing, I think we can all agree laying in bed for weeks gets a bit boring. Luckily, in our area, there is a myriad of opportunities for students during the summer. Students can attend college programs, Wootton Summer Institute, get a job, earn SSL hours, and have internships.
Many universities offer pre-college summer programs for high school students. These programs expose students to college life and these experiences can be beneficial to high school students still exploring schools, majors, and career paths. Students enroll in college courses, and can earn college credits, while experiencing the social life, activities, and opportunities of campus living. The programs consist of countless classes in various majors. Students can take classes in any subject they wish, from art to science to business.
Sophomore Iman Shumburo is eagerly awaiting attending Georgetown University’s summer program. It is a five-day program, filled with morning and afternoon classes, evening excursions, and campus living. “It’s enriching and a great experience and opportunity for me to meet new people and advance my studies and leadership abilities. It is one that I would not be able to have during the school year,” Shumburo said.
Without the added stress of school work, students often find working during the summer to be more appealing. Also, with pools opening, numerous students apply for lifeguard positions at community pools. Sophomore Larry Feldman lifeguards at Country Glen. “It’s easier for me to work during the summer because I don’t have to deal with the stress of school and practice,” Feldman said.
Jobs are a great opportunity for students as they get to make money and gain work experience. Sophomore Parmida Khajoee plans to work at the Rockshire pool for the second summer in a row. “I like working because I get to be around friends and make money at the same time. Working is also a great way to meet new people,” Khajoee said.
Wootton Summer Institute offers students courses to take over the summer. “Taking Matter and Energy over the summer through Wootton Summer Institute was the best decision I ever made. It’s given me social and academic opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without it,” sophomore Alexa Folk said.
Summer is also the perfect time to find out what interests you. Internships are a popular option amongst students. Many local businesses offer internship opportunities to high school students. Shady Grove Hospital seeks volunteers 15 years and older to visit patients, assist on the nursing units, assist with clerical duties, work in the gift shop and staff information desks. Sophomore Zane Cohen will be volunteering at Shady Grove Hospital this summer, gaining experience and earning SSL hours. “Because I’m interested in medicine, this is a great opportunity for me to experience what it is like to work inside a hospital, and I get a chance to see what type of medicine I might be interested in,” Cohen said.