ONLINE ONLY: AP exams to conflict with prom


Prom season is upon us. But so are AP exams.  For seniors, they are all looking forward to prom and none of them are looking forward to the upcoming AP exams. For a majority of seniors who are taking AP Human Geography, this means that they will have to take an AP exam in the morning and then get ready to dance the night away at prom later that day.  For all you seniors reading this, here is a game plan of how you can ace the test as well as have enough energy to party all night.

  1. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep- Obviously you want to make sure to do this so your mind is ready for your test. But also you want to make sure that you rest enough so so you can make it through prom as well.
  2. Eat a good breakfast- Again, it is important to make sure to eat a balanced breakfast to make sure your mind is ready but also to ensure that you have enough energy to make it through the day and combine it with a good night’s sleep, you should have plenty of energy.  “Before every test, whether it’s an AP exam or the ACT or SAT, I always make sure to eat a big breakfast so that I have enough energy to make it through the test,” senior Jason Eisen said.
  3. During the test, make sure to clear your mind- Prom is a super exciting time. Everyone knows that. But while taking a major test such as a an AP, it is important to focus on the test and only the test and not the exciting plans you have later that day.  “If something is on  my mind during a big test, it always seem to distract me and it causes me to do worse than how I hope,” senior Justin Slud said.
  4. Take a power nap after the exam- As everyone know, taking a test for an extended period of time can  wear out your mind and body. By taking a power nap, it allows your body to be refueled for the big plans later that day.  “Taking long tests wears me out.  I always crash right after tests so that I can make plans later in the day,” senior Daniel Philipose said.
  5. Enjoy yourself at prom- Congrats on finishing the AP.  Now all you have to do is enjoy the rest of your night because you have earned it. is enjoy the rest of night because you earned it.

Drew Shrager