ONLINE ONLY: Summer Institute helps students



If you are looking for a way to improve your academic skills throughout the summer in order to prep for more advanced education, then the Wootton High School Summer Institute is for you.

The summer institute offers both credit and non credit courses for students. The credit courses include Honors Health, Honors Geometry A/B, Physical Science B, Research Project, and Junior Seminar (H&A). The non-credit courses include different high school and college readiness classes. Summer institute classes take place from June 19 to July 26.

The most popular class in the summer institute is Honors Health. “I was able to take health through the institute the summer following my freshman year. I found it much easier to take health over the summer because I didn’t have to deal with finding another half-semester class during the school year,” junior Lexi Douglas said.

Honors Health has two sessions. Session 1 goes from June 19 to July 6, and Session 2 goes from July 10 to July 26. Students are only required to take one session of this class to get their ½ credit for graduation. As of now, both Honors Health classes for this summer are full.

In order to take any credit based summer institute course, there is a fee of $300. “I think the price sounds a little steep, but from my experience in the summer institute, it really is worth it to help you advance in your learning,” junior Andre Khoury said.

As part of the non-credit courses, the institute offers SAT/ACT English and Reading Prep, as well as SAT/ACT Math and Science Prep courses. As a part of these courses, students will participate in many practice SAT and ACT tests and they will learn proper test taking techniques and study tips with the goal of helping them succeed on the tests. During the week, practice will be individualized to suit the needs of each student. The registration deadline is May 1.

Adam Friedman