Community lacrosse day looks to help others


The boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams hosted Community Lax Day.

Lax Day has become a popular event in the community. It encourages kids of all ages to come to the field and have fun playing activities with the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams. Kids can do things from throwing around with some of the varsity players to seeing how fast they can shoot using the speedometer. “Tons of kids come out to the field and love interacting with the varsity members, and they all love to compete to see who can shoot the fastest,” sophomore midfielder Zane Cohen said.

At the end of Lax Day, there is a raffle. The raffle prize winners get Wootton lacrosse gear. “The kids get so excited when their tickets get called and get their Wootton lacrosse gear. The other kids get really jealous when they see their friends with all the gear,” senior midfielder Jonathan Rosenstein said.

The event took place on April 28, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.. Before the event, weather was a concern. “I hope the weather is warm and sunny for when Lacrosse Day is scheduled so everyone gets the full experience and more people will come,” junior midfielder Caleb Metz said.

Current players on the lacrosse team remember all the fun times they had going to Lax Day when they were younger. Sophomore defensemen Daniel Rudden has been going to Lax Day for years with his older brother, class of 2016 alum Brett Rudden, who played on varsity lacrosse for all four years. “I remember all the fun times I had when I would come to Lax Day and be able to play with all the varsity players and how much fun I had. I hope I can make Lax Day as fun for the kids now as it was for me,” Rudden said.

Lax Day has grown in popularity over the years and has seen familiar faces come back again with the addition of brand new faces each year. “I have seen a huge increase in the amount of people that come each year from my freshman year until now and I am excited to come back to the event when next year when I’m in college,” senior Ethan Heiberger said.

Jack Moskowitz

Staff Writer