Campus spirit thrives


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School spirit is around school from sports teams, the theater program, pep rallies, dances and more.
Three times a year the whole school gathers together to show school spirit and celebrate events and activities coming up in pep rallies. “I think it’s important to have school spirit because it creates a good mood for all the students,” freshman Thomas Jezek said.

The freshmen perspective is important. “Freshmen should participate in events where school spirit is involved because it’ll make the school more exciting and we’ll be able to have more fun with it,” sophomore SGA member Haley Scheinberg said.

During the school year, sports teams will often dress up or have a theme for their game day. These themes vary from pajamas, or blackouts, to wearing the team jerseys. “I really like how we get to have a theme on game days because it helps us get pumped up and ready for the game,” freshman Eleni Jones said.

As the freshman adapt to high school, they learn important ways to thrive for the next four years. When all grades come to school with their class colors on ready for the pep rally that afternoon, it creates a feeling of the whole school coming together. “Cheering for poms, season sports, teachers doing fun events on the field, and of course Woottonettes while sitting in bleachers with friends was one the highlights of my year,” freshman Eleni Jones said.

Some students, no matter the grade, choose not to participate in school spirit. “Obviously not every student is going to wear the theme of the day, or their class color. But, we have to just make it as fun as we can with the majority of students who do participate,” Scheinberg said.

Some students feel that participating in school spirit depends on the themes that they are supposed to wear. “Sometimes I don’t like the theme so I don’t dress up,” sophomore Katie Barnett said.

Events like sports games, dances and pep rallies create a positive environment for students, teachers and staff. When you wear certain clothes during the time of these events, it can make the high school experience more pleasurable.

Sarah Levine

Staff Writer