Sports teams give their all; experience decrease in success


Professional basketball player Michael Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA, and his words describe Wootton’s sports program perfectly. Jordan said, “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”

Each of the school’s sports teams try their best to win and while they may not always get the outcome they wanted, they’re pleased with the work they’ve put in. “I hate losing [field hockey and lacrosse games] but when we do, I try to stay positive since I know I tried my best,” sophomore Mia Silver said.

As seniors graduate and new freshman tryout for sports teams, the dynamic of each team changes yearly. According to The Washington Post in 2015, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team ended the year with a record of 8-6. In 2016 the team improved, ending with a record of 12-5-0. “The way the [boys’ lacrosse] team plays is much different this year than it was last year,” sophomore Nate Gilkey said.

In 2013, the varsity field hockey team made it to states, ending their season with 16 wins and one loss. This year however, the team lost early in playoffs and ended with a record of 6-7-1. This doesn’t necessarily mean the school’s field hockey team has gotten worse. Their performance was based partly off the performance of their opponents. The school’s competition this year was tougher than it was back in 2013. “We played a lot of hard teams this year,” senior Julia Stern said.

Additionally, while the performance of the girls’ soccer team might be great and the boys’ soccer team might be bad one year, that could drastically change the next year. “The girls soccer team got a lot better this year than it was last year” sophomore Katie Barnett said.

This past fall, girls’ varsity volleyball was successful, ending the season with a final record of 13-1. Girls’ varsity basketball this past winter was not as successful, ending the season with a final record of 9-11. There are so many teams and different rates of success for each team from year to year. “I think some of Wootton’s sports teams were way better this year than they were last year but others were way worse this year,” junior Abby Feitel said.

If a sports team starts their season with a win, this can help throughout the rest of the season. After winning one game, the team knows it is possible to win any of the others through hard work. “Winning feels good. Let it motivate you,” junior varsity girls’ lacrosse coach Lauren Zucconi said.

Although some of the school’s sports team won fewer games this year than past years, it is not fair to say that the schools’ sports teams have gotten worse. “Some of our teams did really well this year but some have done a lot better in past years,” freshman Ella McGrath said.

Kirby Child

Staff Writer