Music Man marvels


The legacy of theatre at this school continued this year with the theatre department putting on The Music Man as the spring musical. The show wrapped up its final weekend on April 22.

The Music Man features a con man, Harold Hill, played by senior Max Ramsay, posing as a boy band’s salesman and Hill’s associate Marcellus Washburn, played by senior Brian Nicholson, promising the citizens of River City, Iowa, a well-trained band within a matter of months. However, Hill is no musician and has no musical talents whatsoever; he plans to get the money and skip town and board the next train heading east.

Hill does not expect to meet Marian Paroo, the town librarian and part-time piano teacher played by senior Taylor Litofsky, who attempts to warn the citizens of River City of Hill’s plot to get the money and run. Hill falls in love with Paroo and attempts to woo her but Paroo does not fall for his plan — or so it seems at first.

The musical also features witty characters to the likes of the Barbershop Quartet, played by freshmen Ameya Deshmukh, Aidan Wilbur, Tejas Iyer and junior Matthew Sachs. The Quartet appears out of nowhere to sing a classic tune that is always inappropriate for the situation. Junior Rachel Kershenbaum plays the role of Mrs. Paroo, Marian’s mother, who always seems to have a song for every setting. The pair of junior Sean Klein and freshman Alyssa Herman have perfect chemistry for the roles of Tommy Djilas, a trouble-making young man who is “from the wrong side of town,” and Zaneeta Shinn, the mayor’s oldest daughter, who is undeniable while on the stage.

Junior Zach Cassidy brings his comedic personality to the role of Mayor George Shinn, who is suspicious of Hill and is certainly not afraid to show it. Beside Mayor Shinn is his wife, Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, played by senior Hannah Bruckheim, who always seems to have a sarcastic comment to share amongst anyone who will listen.

For the first time since the spring musical in 2014, children are involved in the ensemble and two of the leads feature two sets of kids, one pair of males for the part of Winthrop, Marian’s shy, lisping brother, and one pair of females for the part of Amaryllis, Marian’s young piano student. One pair will play the opening weekend of the show and the second pair will play the following weekend.

For some, The Music Man was their first show at this school. “As a freshman in high school, Music Man was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I made so many new friends and new memories which will last forever. I have met some of the most committed and hardworking people who helped create this amazing production. I love the Wootton theater community and am happy to call it my home,” freshman Tejas Iyer said.

But for others, this show was their final show to showcase their talents on the auditorium stage. “The Wootton Theatre community is my second home. The Music Man gave me so many memories that I will hold onto forever,” senior Caroline Firestone said.

Also amazing was the pit in the show, whom sometimes are underappreciated. “Everyone talks about Mrs. Speck and Mr. Schwartz and while they’re amazing people, many forget about what Mrs. Herman does for the show. Year after year the pit orchestra sounds amazing because of the work and commitment she puts in. Because of that she makes every show worth it, including Music Man,” senior Jacky Chung said.

Maxwell Redding

Staff Writer