SGA videos make impact on who kids vote for



Homeroom is a major snoozefest in the eyes of students, but wait…  there might have been a reason to pay attention during homeroom April 25.

SGA elections had arrived and candidate videos were presented on April 25.

Students were wondering why there were no candidate videos for the last vote for SGA secretary.  SGA member Junior David Mejía said whenever there are more than three candidates, there is a primary. “People will see the videos in homeroom next week, SGA and class included. The reason we didn’t put them  in before was because there were so many people running for the same position that we had to have primaries to eliminate some candidates,” Mejía said.

Mejía believes it is important that students see who is running on video presentations since these are people who will make important decisions regarding school events. “You can’t vote without knowing who is running and what they have to say,” Mejía said.
Social studies teacher Matthew Winter said that aside from seeing what their posters said, the videos help students get an impression of who they are and their leadership potential. “I find the videos useful since people may know the name but not the face or know the face but not the name or just get an impression from somebody,” Winter said.

Junior Kayla Hill is the winner of the SGA treasurer race. “Even though I know some people don’t pay attention to them, I think they’re really important because they allow people to get a better feel of who to vote for if they don’t know anyone running or if they’re stuck on their decision,” Hill said.

Sophomore Casey Schuler said she thinks the relevance of videos vary. “If you do not know the people they are going to help. However, if you already know that someone you might know is running then you are automatically going to know about them and know what they are trying to do. Therefore, you already have an idea of what you want to go for,” Schuler said.

Freshman Tiam Pourdarvish does not know the candidates very well. “As a freshman, it will give me a chance to understand what the candidate is saying and what their views are,” Pourdarvish said.

On the other hand, sophomore Jonathan Lee said SGA videos do not really influence his point of view. “The SGA videos usually don’t decide my vote if I have someone in mind already,” Lee said.

Sophomore Amy Kraft, a contender for SGA treasurer, said that filming her video was like any other day since she often anchors during morning announcements.. She said she had to walk in, say hi, speak, do a few takes and leave. “I definitely believe they make an impact for at least some of the student body. It’s important to hear what the candidates have to say but also say it short enough to grab your attention,” Kraft said.

Monica Godnick

Staff Writer