Athletic conflicts create questions regarding junior banquet outcome


As the year starts to come to an end, it is time for events such as spring sports senior nights, AP tests, prom, and junior banquet.  Every spring the school holds a dance that is exclusive for juniors at an off campus site. This dance year after year promises good food and a great time with friends.  However, this year, the dance will not be as crowded as it was in former years. This year the dance is being held on April 27, which happens to be the same night that the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams have games.

While it may not seem like a problem to all, the varsity teams both have away games and their games are at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.  Junior banquet is an event where students like to get dressed up together, take pictures, and go out to dinner. With the games being away it will make it hard for players to make it to the dance.  Although it may seem like a good idea to just skip the game, juniors like Jay Raichura feel like it is not the right thing to do and don’t want to lose their position on the team along with leaving the team hanging.  “I thought about missing the game for junior banquet,” Raichura said, “I really didn’t want to threaten my position on the team and couldn’t let my teammates down during a big game.”

Even though there are only 23 juniors between the two lacrosse teams, this has left many groups of friends who were planning on going together feeling like they shouldn’t go because they don’t want to go without their friends.  With this dance being a Sadie Hawkins dance, where girls ask boys, it makes it a unique dance that now groups are deciding to miss because games were scheduled on the same day as the dance. “Now that my friends on boys and girls’ lacrosse aren’t able to go to the dance I just feel like it’s pointless to go since it is all about having fun with your friends,” junior Caroline Gastwirth said.

The biggest problem of all may come from the domino effect that the dance will bring.  Junior banquet is one of the biggest ways the junior class gets money. This year, with fewer people showing interest, it poses problems for the junior class’ future for events like prom where they will have a lot less money than anticipated.

With the tickets costing $45 each, the class will still bring in a lot of money but even 23 juniors will make a difference. Sofi Manrique is concerned about the funds that are going to be brought in from this year’s banquet. “Honestly I’m pretty worried that not a lot of people are going to go due to conflicts on the same night,” Manrique said. “I’m sure we will get a good amount of funds but with a bunch of people not attending I wonder how much funding for things like prom won’t be there.”

Danny Rothenberg

News Editor