SOS program promotes wellness


High school is hard. It can be what feels like an endless cycle of stress from school, friends, athletics and more. That’s why Sources of Strength’s, otherwise known as SOS, main goal is: promote strength, hope, and happiness through the community.

The week of Feb. 10 to 14 was Sources of Strength week. Students heard music in the halls between classes on Monday. Tuesday had the Wall of Wellness board during lunch, where students wrote what makes them happy and ways they relieve stress, then also in home room watched an SOS video. Wednesday was the Wall of Wellness again, and Thursday was indoor recess activities, consisting of zumba, nap room, movie room, coloring room, and yoga room. Lastly on Friday, there was field day during lunch. In addition, sticky notes were put up saying positive messages throughout the school.

The activities during the week were planned by the 55 students in SOS with help from Administrator Jane Cocker, who is in charge of SOS this year. “We picked the activities based on what we thought students would like and benefit from. We wanted it to be a fun distraction from their busy day,” sophomore Ashley Slud said.

The goal of Sources of Strength week was to tell kids they are not alone and to spread happy thoughts to students. “I think the week impacted students since we made students more aware that there is a program at Wootton to help students work through whatever they’re going through,” sophomore Mia Waller said.

SOS is for peer leaders to show students they have someone they can talk to. “Our mission is to help students and staff turn to their strengths and their supports that are all around. Our mission recognizes that our voice has great power and we use it to break the silence when someone is struggling, and to connect them to the help they need and deserve,” according to the Source of Strength flyer.

SOS week happens as often as the students plan. “We aim for four weeks throughout the school year,” Crocker said.
SOS hoped that the week’s activities helped students feel a little better about what may be going on in their lives. “Hearing the music in the halls on Monday just put me in a better mood and showed me that Wootton can be a really supportive community,” sophomore Amy Kraft said.

The students in SOS meet at least twice a month. The program looks for students who would help spread Sources of Strength and contribute to the program. “We generally ask for recommendations from teachers for kids who are potential leaders,” Cocker said.
Planning the different SOS weeks can be a challenge but Slud said, “The best part is spreading positivity to the Wootton community.”

As students go through high school, stressed and not knowing who to turn to, Sources of Strength wants students to know they are not alone as they continue to spread strength hope, and happiness.

Anna Baldwin

Staff Writer