Students’ school spirit shines at spring pep rally


Students screamed and shouted throughout the stadium on April 13 as the SGA got ready hosted the semi-annual pep rally.
On the field, SGA members covered in red, white, and blue looked out onto the bleachers and observed seas of colors as students crowded the stands into their different sections with freshmen in red, sophomores in white, juniors in blue, and seniors in all three colors. The SGA prepared the pep rally to allow the whole school to be together in a vibrant atmosphere charged with school spirit. “The purpose of the pep rally is to boost morale in students and help increase school spirit,” junior SGA representative Abby Feitel said.

The pep rally consisted of performances from the SGA, cheerleaders, poms, Woottonettes, and an introduction of all the spring sport teams. Additionally, there were tug of war matchups between boys and girls varsity lacrosse and between the SGA and senior planning. There was a relay race between teachers and students, which the students won. Also, the SGA held a competition for who could be the loudest class.

SGA junior representatives Aaron Lazar and Phoebe McCann yelled out, “Let’s hear it for the juniors.” Screams and cheers from the junior class echoed throughout the stadium. Every other class wasn’t nearly as loud as the juniors, making them the winner and rewarding them with $200 to be used toward school-sponsored events such as junior banquet. “These events help students become closer with our class and help increase school spirit,” McCann said.

The pep rally is more than just one day, as it ended spirit week. Starting on Monday, April 8. Spirit week consisted of Maryland Monday, tie dye Tuesday, Wootton gear Wednesday, Thursday jersey day, and ended with class colors on Friday, the day of the pep rally. Spirit week gave students an opportunity to demonstrate their school spirit rather than just at the pep rally. “Spirit week takes students’ minds off of school and lets them show their school spirit throughout the whole week instead of just during the pep rally,” SGA teacher sponsor Nia Cresham said.


Jonnie Voyta

News Editor