News Briefs: April 13


5G wireless cell antennas pose risks
Residents of Montgomery County are fighting to change the law on antenna zones, moving them away from schools and neighborhoods. 5G is necessary for cell phones to become faster and better, but require new antennas. According to WTOP, residents do not want these utility poles because they can be harmful for one’s health. North Potomac, where that school district lies, is picked to have 61 new poles in place. The county council’s Planning, Housing & Economic Development Committee has a meeting on zone changes on May 3.

Arrest at three Md. schools raises concern
During this school year, two teachers were arrested for abusing girls and one aide for having child pornography. According to the WTOP, these arrests concerned the parents, so Superintendent Smith had a meeting on April 3. Smith has been working on fingerprinting employees again. Some people who attended the meeting said Smith could not guaranteed that no child would be abused, but that they would try to make the schools a safer place. During the meeting, Smith made promises of bringing up security options at future meetings.

Montgomery County distracted-driving sting catches 65 drivers
On April 4, 65 driver were caught in Bethesda for distracted driving. Even though talking and texting while driving has been banned, accidents still occur due to distracted driving. According to WTOP, the stings are done at different locations each time and the police will write a ticket if they catch someone being distracted while driving. Other states, like Virginia, are also cracking down on distracted driving. The fine for distracted driving is $70.
– Eric Lee, staff writer