The value, perks of thrift shopping


If the only knowledge you have about thrift shopping is through the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, keep reading to learn more.
In a time period where consumerism and prices are growing, students debate whether thrift shops are undervalued. Students and members of the community weigh the pros and cons of thrift shopping.

Social studies teacher Maima Barclay said she likes shopping in thrift shops but hasn’t done it in a while. When she was in New York City and went shopping in uptown Manhattan, she would find almost antiquish clothes of famous designers. “The clothes are classy and classic enough that it almost never goes out of style,” Barclay said.

According to Barclay, consumers get to look at merchandise, clothes, fashion and even furniture from a previous time, not just present commodities. Barclay said that she still has an outfit from 1975, and found a similar fabric in a thrift shop. Additionally, she says the style helps compare trends of society before and now. “It gives you a sense of what people wore once upon a time,” Barclay said.

Junior Soraya Abediyeh said thrifting is underrated. “I think they are nice for people who can’t afford the clothes they want, and it is very fun to try to find some nice pieces at a thrift store that you can’t find at a regular one,” Abediyeh said.

Social studies teacher John Freundel also said that thrift shopping is worth it. He says that he bought nice sweaters and dress shirts that probably would have been too expensive to buy if he would have bought it out of a place like a department store. “I have got some name brand things that I definitely wouldn’t have afforded,” Freundel said.

The money made in thrift shops commonly goes to charities, so instead of feeling guilty about spending, customers can feel like they actually contributed to society. For instance, consider the Goodwill stores in Rockville and Gaithersburg. “Goodwill is the charity and they provide employment for people with special needs or with issues in their past to where they wouldn’t necessarily be able to be employed through department stores or Target,” Freundel said.

Sophomore Jessica Penry said she thinks that thrifting is not appreciated enough but at the same time pretty risky. “It is underrated. It is usually a hit or miss though,” Penry said.

Sophomore Leah Bloshteyn also said that she sees thrift shopping not only as an opportunity to spot unique items but also to enjoy with friends. “I always have so much fun when I go thrifting with my friends and at the same time I feel like I am discovering my style through fashion,” she said.

On the downside, Barclay also said that certain thrift shops can sell items of poor quality due to how old they are. “The patterns and the fabric are a little outdated but it just lends itself to a unique style, to a uniqueness about fashion,” Barclay said.


Monica Godnick

Staff Writer