Teacher athletes reminisce


With the month of May fast approaching, seniors are eager to leave high school forever and start a new adventure, whether it be at university or another path of their choosing . While most attend college, some commit to play D1 or D3 sports at university. Signing to a school is a very important time in an athlete’s life. What may be unknown to some is that a number of teachers here played an NCAA accredited sport in college. Common Sense sat down with teacher-athletes to ask about the experiences they had.

Name: Anne-Marie Steppling
Subject: U.S. History
College: Lockhead College
Sport: Lacrosse

CS: What was your favorite part about playing lacrosse in college?
AMS: I guess my favorite part about playing was being able to play with my teammates who became my best friends. We’d go on road trips for our away games and we’d just have so much fun. I also learned how to manage my time because I was basically forced to.
CS: Did it ever get difficult to balance your time?
AMS: Not at all.
CS: What was the hardest part about playing in college?
AMS: That would have to be the 5 a.m. lifts. Practicing every day really works you.
CS: How was the coaching staff?
AMS: I loved my coaches. I guess I wasn’t prepared for coaching to change so often, but everyone was always so supportive. It felt more like a family than anything.

Name: Alexander Parker
Subject: U.S. History and Law
College: James Madison University
Sport: Hockey

CS: What was your favorite part about playing hockey in college?
AP: My favorite part about playing was being able to do so in front of my friends, and the whole town in general. About 1,000 people would come to each game and it was always so fun seeing everyone that you know come out to see you play.
CS: Were you ever stressed about balancing time?
AP: No, not really. It was a chill balance between academics and playing.
CS: What was the hardest part about playing in college?
AP: Travel would have to be the hardest part. We spent a ton of time on the road. We’d go as north as Boston and as south as Atlanta to play other teams. It made for long weekends traveling.
CS: Did you like the people you were playing with?
AP: I actually loved my teammates and coaches. We all got close and everyone was supportive of each other. Some of my closest friends right now are guys I used to play with at school. Of course, you lose contact with some people, but that just happens.
CS: Do you have any regrets?
AP: None.


Julia Stern

Senior Reviews Editor