Korean BBQ excites fans


Korean barbeque is up-and-coming in Montgomery County. The innovative way of preparing meats and sides is pulling in more customers each day. The unique texture and taste of the meats is also appealing. With gas or charcoal grills often built right into tables, Korean barbeque offers a dining experience where the food is prepared right there in front of your eyes. One of the most popular local joints for Korean BBQ is Iron Age.

Located on Rockville Pike, Iron Age separates itself from other restaurants not only through its good tasting meats grilled right in front of you, but also by the experience it provides to customers. “Our goal is to provide our guest with amazing memories and moments that they won’t find anywhere else,” the company said in its mission statement.

Iron Age only takes reservations of eight people or more– and if you are going on the weekend it would be wise to call at least six hours in advance.

Another facet of the dining experience at Iron Age is that it is all you can eat and do-it-yourself (DIY). Iron Age prides itself on the idea that everything you need to be the chef of your own meal is all at arms reach. It also works on a team service model: so if you’re dining and need something, don’t hesitate to ask anyone at anytime.

Iron Age is perfect for big group dining experiences. With music videos always playing on the TV screens around the restaurant, it facilitates a social dining experience. “I love to go to Iron Age with a huge group of friends and see how much food we can get through,” senior Jonathan Rosenstein said.

First, you and your group must pick one of two all-you-can-eat meal plans. While the two plans are unique, many foods overlap within the two pathways. After choosing plan A or plan B, your server will begin to bring you round after round of meats and sides and prepare them in front of you. From there, you eat until you can’t eat anymore.

Be warned– eating at Irnn Age is not for the faint of heart– or the faint of stomach. With a seemingly endless list of foods coming your way, it is easy to get filled up quickly.

Iron Age is also a popular location for athletic team dinners because of how manageable it is with large groups of people. “Instead of crowding into someone’s house and having to order lots of food that may either be too much or too little, it’s fun to take the whole soccer team to Iron Age and eat as much food as we can in an awesome social place,” sophomore Andy Ram said.

Next time you and some friends are hungry–very hungry– consider Korean barbeque at Iron age.


Josh Messitte

Managing Editor