Popular Easter candies to eat with your peeps


The celebration of Easter has come and gone. If you celebrate Easter, then you know the joy of opening up  the eggs that were hidden around your house and finding your favorite candy inside. Whether it’s chocolate or jelly beans, everyone has their preference on what their favorite Easter candy is. Here is a list of the most popular Easter candies.

1. Reese’s Easter Eggs– the Reese’s cups are in contention for one of the best candies out there so when Reese’s came out with this candy, everyone already knew how good it was going to be.

2. Peeps– who doesn’t love marshmallows?  This gooey and smushed candy has always been an Easter hit. Now this might be a hit on the little kids because it is basically straight sugar, but somehow Peeps will always seem to find their way to an Easter egg hunt or celebration. “Peeps have always been my favorite Easter candy, they never get old,” senior Jamie Glaser said.

3. Jelly beans-  I don’t know about you but I would always love to find jelly beans in my Easter eggs. The chewy candy, with all of these different flavors, allows for a variety of tastes, ensuring that everyone will have a flavor they like.  “I don’t like all the flavors, but I will always eat the strawberry jelly beans. I could eat like 500 in one sitting,” junior Ethan Kach said.

4. Hershey eggs– people everywhere will always turn to something that is straight up chocolate. Maybe that’s why these eggs are such a hit. This candy is literally just chocolate carved in the shape of an Easter egg that is hollow inside. For all of you chocolate cravers, this is the candy you should get.  “I am a chocolate lover so I always go straight to the Hershey’s eggs if I see them at my Easter party,” senior Jason Eisen said.

5. Twix- Now I know that this isn’t an Easter themed candy, but that doesn’t stop it from making its way to Easter celebrations. Twix has always been among the best candies and therefore it is always a hit with the kids when they open up and egg and a Twix bar appears within it.  “ Any time I would go candy shopping for Easter, I would always go for the mini Twix because even though they aren’t Easter themed, they are the absolute best candy ever,” senior Daniel Philipose said.


Drew Shrager

Staff Writer