Helpful tips, resolved myths for students taking driving test


To students getting their license,

Congrats, the time has finally come where you don’t have to have your mommy drive you around everywhere. Getting your license is a huge life changing experience, but also a major responsibility. It may be nerve wracking to take the test, but here are some tips that will help you succeed.

1. Make sure you have all of your hours completed
You may think that completing all 60 hours may not do much, but it does as it will really help you pass. Although these hours are mandatory to take the test, many students lie about them and don’t actually complete them. It’s extremely important to finish all of these hours so that you have the most driving experience as possible before the test. Make sure you complete the 10 required night hours as well as having no experience driving during the night could be scary and unsafe when doing it for the first time with a license. “I completed all of my hours and I am so glad that I did. I felt extremely prepared for the test,” junior Abby Feitel said.

2. Watch the driving course videos on Youtube
Confused about what you’re going to have to do during the test? Don’t know what types of roads you’ll be driving on or what street signs you’ll have to know? If you look up the MVA you will be taking your test at on Youtube, the driving course will show, which will allow you to know exactly what to expect. This will allow you to have a more positive attitude while taking the test as you will be familiar with all the roads and signs. “I remember repeatedly watching the course I took my test on before I took it and it helped me so much. I went into it way less stressed,” senior Jamie Glaser said.

3. Practice an hour before the test
About an hour before my test began, I went to the MVA early and practiced parking in the lot. I was always weak at parking backwards, so by practicing over and over again right before my test I got in lots of extra practice and was in the perfect mindset to take it as I felt that I improved and extremely prepared. Even if you think you’re good at parking, you should do this anyways to get in the extra practice instead of going into the test without practicing for a few days. “I went and practiced right before I took my test and it just made me feel so ready to take it,” senior Allison Geringer said.

4. Don’t believe the rumor that “Frederick is easier than Gaithersburg”

This popular myth has been discussed throughout all students of MoCo. People claim that the people at the Gaithersburg MVA are more strict than those at Frederick. In reality, most people take the test only once, so it’s unknown what the people at the other MVA are like. If you want to take your test at Frederick just to be safe, go right ahead but whether you pass or fail is all based on your performance, not how nice or mean the person you’re paired up with is. “I never believed this myth because I just thought of both of them being the same, I don’t think it matters which one someone goes to,” senior Trent Folk said.

If you follow all of these tips, I could almost promise you that you will do perfectly fine on your driving test. Have a positive mindset, stay strong, and believe in yourself, because by doing this your performance will be much better and you will achieve greater success without even realizing it. You got this, good luck!


Jordyn Taylor

Senior Features Editor