Best stores to find prom dresses


The prom dress fury has begun among the class of 2018. Every time “(insert senior girl name) posted in Wootton Prom Dresses 2018” pops up on a Facebook newsfeed, a different dress has been taken off the market. Whether you are still looking for a dress, trying to find the perfect accessories to go along with your outfit or simply just bored and find entertainment in dress shopping, here are some places for you to look.

Boohoo: Carrying party-ready looks at affordable prices, you won’t be required to spend every penny you make at your after-school job or from your summer internship. Dropping more than 100 new products daily, seniors can choose from floor length gowns while underclassmen have choices of stylish mini or midi dresses.

Rent the Runway: Worried your prom dress is going to sit in your closet for the rest of your life, doomed to be the biggest waste of money for a dress you will wear for only one night? Then you should check out RTR which offers designer dresses at a fraction of their retail prices. Also, they have a store in Georgetown for shoppers to try on dresses before they are delivered. Customers can choose a select number of days, ranging from four to eight, to keep their dress or other product for. Additionally, RTR sends a backup size in case the one you choose does not fit the day of. After your event, is over, you can send the outfit back without worrying about it staying in your closet for years.

Amazon: Surprising, I know. But, Amazon actually had a great selection for dresses on their website. You wouldn’t think that you would buy your prom dress from the same website you order a phone case or pillow from, but do not knock it until you try it. They have a variety of dresses in every style imaginable at prices that will shock you. Including customer reviews and photos, you can see how the dress fits on real people, not just the models. And, if you are fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime, the holy grail to online shoppers, shipping and returns for most items will be free and easy. Therefore, you can order multiple dresses on, try them on, then return the options you do not want.

Anthropologie: Both online and a store, Anthropologie delivers a perfectly-selected mix of formal dresses (and jumpsuits, if that’s what you’re into) that will make a statement on your prom night. Having a unique style and selection, your dress will stand out from the basic dresses that some seniors choose to wear. Also, be sure to check out BHLDN, their sister store. BHLDN also offers a large range of shoes, jewelry and clutches.

PromGirl: If you are looking for a Disney-princess-esque look, this is your website. PromGirl has thousands of dresses in hundreds of different styles, all from multiple designers. Being able to filter your dress options by size, color and design, you can spend hours on this website and narrow your options down to exactly what you are looking for.


Katie Schreck

Managing Editor