TV crew livens school day


The morning announcements have become a staple in every student’s life, a safe haven from the burdens of school work and a time to enjoy the personalities of those presenting the announcements. The music blaring over the PA system calls for a much needed break from the work of a student, even if it is only after one period. Announcements bring necessary information for students and teachers, while using humor to grab attention and create interest.

The morning announcements have evolved into more than a monotonous way to inform members of the school of upcoming events. The announcements have changed to incorporate humor and a light hearted feeling that has inevitably grabbed the attention of students more than in previous years. Hearing “Mr. Blue Sky” fill the classroom (or the more recent “The Office” theme song) represents the end of learning and a shift to enjoyment, while also being informed.

Each anchor or weatherman uses their own personality to convey the necessary news for the day. Whether students are laughing over dry humor or having the weather being screamed at them, the morning announcements are constantly shifting to keep watchers interested and engaged, anticipating what will happen next. Those who are on screen have an outlet to express their creative sides, with a varying range of personalities being displayed for viewers. “It is a very fun class that has allowed me to show my creative side and work on something that I enjoy,” senior Nicholas Christovich said.

The morning announcements act as more than a 10-minute comedy show, regardless of what the amateur production value and joke riddled show might convey. The announcements are made to inform, showing videos of important school events and encouraging students and others to participate and be active members of the school community. Whether it is segments on driving safety or upcoming events such as the Sam Williams 5K, the morning announcements successfully act as a way to give students news consistently. “The morning announcements are a good way for students to listen to what is happening in the community and it gives them a chance to be active with other people from Wootton,” freshman Sarah Woodward said.

Students have all been through the frustrating experience of having a teacher lecture straight through announcements. This leads to missed information and an agonizing additional 10 minutes of class that should instead be relaxing and entertaining. Teaching through the announcements not only adds to the class length, but it discounts the work from the members of TV internship.

Members of TV internship deserve an opportunity to present their work to the school, uninterrupted by teaching, and be proud of what they have achieved. “There is always a sense of accomplishment by the end of each show knowing that students all over the school came together for one moment to put on a show and everyone else got to watch,” senior and Executive Producer Stephen Hechler said.


Matthew Lind

Back Page Editor