‘Every Day’? No way

‘Every Day’? No way

Every Day, originally a book by David Levithan, was released to theatres on February 23. Directed by Michael Sucsy, the film is about a girl named Rhiannon who falls in love with “A,” who is someone that wakes up every day in a different person’s body and is forced to live that day for that person.

It all begins when A wakes up as Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Justin, who typically pays little attention to her, but they end up ditching school that afternoon and having a fun day down near the beach. They have a quick connection that A can’t help but hold on to, so the next day when woken up as “Amy,” she immediately goes to Rhiannon’s school to talk to her about breaking up with her boyfriend because she knows their love is not real, but is quickly brushed off when Rhiannon pushes her away for meddling in her relationship.

That weekend, A shows up to a local party Rhiannon is at and they quickly get to talking because Rhiannon’s boyfriend isn’t anywhere to be seen, but quickly comes to the rescue when he sees Rhiannon talking to a strange guy. He quickly flees the scene because he realizes that it is almost 12 a.m, and whoevers body he is in, is going to be back at midnight and if he doesn’t get him home and into bed, then he would be messing with that person’s life. When A is pushed into someone’s soul, its main goal is to “make no mark, leave no trace,” which is repeated by it throughout the movie.

The plot of the movie is bizarre.C ould someone just appear in a different body every single day? What would happen to the true persons soul while it’s being occupied? Some of the obvious questions are answered in the movie, but very vaguely and often lead to follow up questions that are not mentioned. “From the start it was overall a weird concept and there were so many questions about A’s situation that were not and could not be answered clearly like whether or not it was born or had parents or if it was like an evil soul,” sophomore Jessie Grinspoon said.

The best aspect of the movie is the gender neutral support. Whether A is a boy or a girl that day, Rhiannon loves him or her no matter what. This is an important point in today’s society because people often feel pressure to be interested in a specific gender or just one gender. Being gay has come to be so supported in recent times, that it seems to be leaving bisexual people in the dark, and this movie showed great support and pride.

Overall, I would give the movie a two out of five star rating, simply because although the story has potential to be interesting and exciting, it turns out to be confusing and the story ending at a halt. While A did do the right thing by leaving innocent lives at peace, it did not satisfy the goals each character set out for, making the relationship between Rhiannon and A kind of pointless.


Emily Eichberg

Commons Editor