Vine 2 is announced to be dropped, but it must be stopped

Vine 2 is announced to be dropped, but it must be stopped

There are worse things than Vine. Sure, I can’t think of many off the top of my head right now but I’m sure there are. My distaste for the app has only grown stronger since its shut-down on Jan 17, 2017, which is why I will be boycotting Vine 2 if it ever comes into play.

For those of you who don’t know what Vine is: Congratulations. You dodged a missile. It’s a social media app in which the users make six second videos that loop endlessly. It was an unnecessary concept that should’ve never hit the app store.

Some of you may be questioning my opinions: I don’t blame you. Every person alive just adores this app; they wept when it was deleted despite not having the app for two years and they rewatch all the “classics” on Youtube for old times sake. Let me tell you folks, the problem roots here. You all are blinded by your memory of Vine back in 2013 and 2014. You are choosing to forget how terrible the app was because you want to hang on to some feeling of nostalgia.

Have you forgotten Magcon? Have you forgotten the “best” Viners who plagued the popular page day after day? Have you forgotten the Vine where the guy kissed his phone and said “I just stole a kiss. What are you going to do about it?” Have you forgotten this virtual molestation? Have you forgotten about the dark side of Vine, or have you just repressed it as a defense mechanism?

Vine exemplified basic concepts of an oligarchy. Power was held within a few people at the top. People like King Bach, Nash Grier, the Paul brothers, Lele Pons and Dem White Boyz had all the power. Even though most vines remembered today are not done by these people, they were the face of Vine whether you like it or not. They continuously got the most looped videos and showed up on the popular page.

You all need to realize your ignorance because you’re blinded by your own doing. You choose to honor about 20 of the same vines. Whether it be a Vine thread on Twitter or Vine compilations on Youtube called “Vines that keep me from ending it all,” you can bet your buttons that it will have the following vines: “Road work ahead,” “I don’t get no sleep cause of y’all,” “It is Wednesday my dudes,” “It’s me Jessie and Ari, if they test me they sorry,” “Hi. Welcome to Chili’s” and “What up. My name’s Jared.” Need I list more tirelessly overquoted Vines?

You all don’t even remember the true classics. How many of you know “Hey Rick Ross. I’m in Miami. Where you at?” I would assume none of you; it’s not included in many threads nor compilations. Vine culture is an epidemic. Few of these six second videos are funny, and by repeating them one billion times a day, they become even less funny. I’m sick of it which is why I refuse to download and encourage Vine 2.


Chloe Perel

News Editor