Study habits to help ace AP exam


AP exams start the week of May 7, and will affect the majority of students at this school.

For the class of 2017, an average of nearly 23 percent of the nation passed at least one AP exam and 31.2 percent of Maryland passed at least one AP exam according to the College Board. This school’s class of 2017 had 80 percent of its students pass at least one exam according to U.S News. This school has always been one of the highest scoring schools in Montgomery County. While other schools in Montgomery County had a lower percentage. Walter Johnson was at 73 percent, Richard Montgomery at 69 percent and Clarksburg at 45 percent of students passing at least one AP exam according to U.S News.

Students get ready to take AP exams in a variety of ways. Practice test are the most well-known way students and teachers prepare for the AP exams. Practice tests can include multiple choice and written response questions either from past exams or made up by teachers.They can help students understand what the day of the test is going to be like while also reviewing the subjects covered in class. “Practice test have always been the most effective for my classes because they help my students prepare for the environment on the test,” AP psychology teacher Jen Bauer said.

Another form of preparation that students use outside of class is study groups. Students have formed study groups with friends and classmates in order to help prepare them for their AP exams. Instead of losing focus while you study by yourself, friends will be able to help you stay on task and explain material to you which you may not understand. “I have always found study groups the most effective way to study because I don’t lose focus when I’m with my friends,” junior Jared Rabin said.

One more effective way to study for an AP exam is by using flashcards. Flashcards are the most effective to remember specific dates and definitions of learned subjects.These can also be combined with different methods of studying such as study groups to increase the effectiveness of both.

Other ways students score well on AP exams is from studying early in intervals before the test and to not study at all on the last day. “Last year I started studying a little each day a month early for my AP NSL exam and I got a five,” junior John Billingsley said.


Jonnie Voyta

News Editor