Getting ready for graduation


Senior Lindsay Grinspoon is one of many seniors looking forward to graduation this spring. Along with her classmates, she will head to DAR Constitution Hall in May. Her parents and sister will be gathered there to support her and watch her walk across the stage to receive her diploma. A lot of work goes into planning graduation.

History teacher Christina Rice is in charge of organizing graduation. There is a lot that Rice has to do in order to get ready for this big event. She begins planning for graduation in August for the school year ahead. Once second semester begins, she starts working on different tasks to be ready in time. “Teachers always wonder why I do graduation because it is a lot of work, but I love doing it and it’s a lot of fun,” Rice said.

At the meeting for the ambassadors they learn important dates and talk about proper clothing. During the meeting they also go through how rehearsal works so they are prepared for rehearsal day. Rehearsal is necessary to ensure everyone knows what to do the actual day of graduation including the ambassador volunteers and all the graduating students. At rehearsal they make sure that all seniors’ names are in order and pronounced correctly. They run through the walking in of seniors multiple times to work out any kinks. “I attended a meeting where the ambassadors ran through rehearsal so we would know how to line up the seniors at rehearsal, and then in Constitution Hall, to make sure they would be in alphabetical order to receive their diplomas,” sophomore Patriot Ambassador Peter Pietri said.

On the day of graduation, the ambassadors, band, and senior planners get to school early to help load up the buses. The ambassadors arrive at DAR Constitution Hall about two hours before graduation begins to help set up and get ready. The ambassadors put names on box seats, which are given to SGA members and senior planning’s family. After the ambassadors finish helping the seniors walk in, they all sit down and watch the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over the ambassadors clean up and go back home.

The seniors have to take multiple steps before the actual day of graduation. They have a three hour rehearsal led by specific teachers and administrators. The students have to practice walking up and down the aisles of the gym and around the first floor of the school.


Jordan Rubin

Staff Writer