Students, teachers react to singing valentines


Throughout the school day on Feb. 14, students were surprised in their classes with singing Valentines sent from their peers. While these treats were nice breaks during the day, teachers have varying opinions about them.

The performances were given the acappella groups: The Supertonics, The Chromatics and The Acabellas. The students in these three groups were excused from their classes for the day and went around filling Valentine requests from students. The members of the groups did not consider this annoying or hard work and said they had a fun day. Junior Marc Laibstain is a member of The Supertonics and had a great time singing the day away. “It’s always been one of my favorite days of school going to all the classes and singing, it makes so many people happy, but also shows the school how much work the different groups put in,” Laibstain said.
Depending on the class, teachers found the singing Valentines exciting and a great experience for the students and themselves. Art teacher Quan Duong enjoyed the performances in her classes throughout Valentine’s Day. “It was great seeing so many talented students perform and it seemed like the recipients really enjoyed and appreciated them. I look forward to the singing Valentines every year,” Duong said.

Not only were the Valentines special for the recipient, but all of the students in the classes got to experience them as well. Junior Sierra Coflin got to see several performances from the acappella groups throughout her classes. “It was really fun to see the people be serenaded by the different groups,” Coflin said.

Although one might think that the teachers of harder classes might find these interruptions disturbing, some instructors appreciated the surprise appearances. Math teacher Catherine Ruback had a quiz during her Algebra 2 class, yet continued to have a positive opinion on the singing Valentines. “I thought they were awesome. We had a quiz but I thought it was a nice break for the students and lifted their spirits,” Ruback said.

Ruback was easy-going when her class was interrupted, but not all teachers are this way. Junior Grace Youngstrom witnessed some negativity by her teachers when The Supertonics entered during her day. “We were taking a test during one of my classes and my teacher told the Tonics to leave and come back later, but they never did. Some of my teachers really liked the Valentines and even danced to them, but others didn’t find them as amusing as the rest of us,” Youngstrom said.

While some teachers and students may not have enjoyed the singing Valentines, the majority of the school found them exciting and funny. Yes they may have been interruptions, and yes they can be embarrassing, but they are mostly viewed as a way for friends or significant others to brighten another’s day and give their class a good laugh.


Hannah Shapiro

Features Editor