Classes reflect TV programs


With all the stress of high school, students can’t help unwinding while watching television. When you do, have you ever noticed how certain shows remind you of a specific class or teacher?

First Period– If you have taken gym for the fourth year in a row, then “SportsCenter” may be your show. It has been airing since 1979 and has recorded over 50,000 episodes. It satisfies all of your sports needs whether you like tennis, football, or even WWE. SportsCenter covers everything in the sports world and airs everyday.

Second Period– NSL may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a government buff than “The West Wing” is your show. The NBC classic aired for seven years and follows the Bartlet presidency through two terms in office. Although the series concluded in 2006, many of the topics are relevant today. “I thought the show was as close to realistic as possible while staying dramatically interesting,” AP Government teacher Nia Cresham said.

Third Period– Anatomy offers a chance for students to learn about and discover if this branch of science is something they would like to continue to explore in college and maybe even their career. But who wouldn’t want to blow off homework and watch binge watch 14 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” instead?

Fourth Period– Law: For those law fanatics who want to learn the ins and outs of the legal system, once class is over, “Law and Order” is your show. Twenty seasons and four spin-offs are at your binging fingertips to apply what you learn in the classroom to Adam Schiff’s courtroom. The show offers so much you would think it is illegal.

Fifth Period– The One (Period) Where Everyone is Fine. “FRIENDS” will always “be there for you” with its 236 episodes on reruns and Netflix. The friends will never fail to make you laugh from “how you doing” to “we were on a break.”

Sixth Period– A cappella with Schwartz or Schuester? “Glee’s” six-season run may be the show for you if your interested in a cappella. “It handles heavy subjects that students may deal with in their high school careers and shows solutions, to tough issues while keeping viewers intrigued,” junior Janel Berlinger said.

Seventh Period– Physics may be a demanding class but you always have “The Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon to lighten the mood. It’s eleven-season run is perfect for those interested in science. “The Big Bang Theory shows me how apply the class to real life. And Sheldon is a really funny character,” junior Kevin Jordan said.

Eighth Period– Psychology may be the last period of a taxing day but if you’re interested in the human psyche then Psych may be your show. Although the similarities between the two may end at the common name, the show ran for eight years on the USA Network. What began as a popular American show gained popularity around the world.


Abby Russ

Staff Writer