Nearby activities for relaxing spring break


Spring break is just around the corner and all of your friends are talking about the extravagant cruises they’ll be taking and luxurious islands and countries they are visiting. You are extremely excited for them, but also jealous knowing that you’ll be stuck in Rockville doing nothing more than watching Netflix on your couch. Fortunately, there is much more to do in this area than you think. Here are four different fun activities you can do that will keep you busy throughout the break.

Hiking: Not only can hiking take you to a beautiful and scenic view, but it’s a great workout if you need to burn some calories. We live in a perfect location for hiking as there are multiple trails just 20-40 minutes away. Great Falls, Sugarloaf Mountain and Rock Creek Regional Park are all examples of thrilling hiking trails to conquer with your friends or family. “My favorite thing to do with my friends is hike. It’s so much fun,” senior Grace Llewellyn said.

To make it even more fun, bring a bathing suit so that you can jump into the various bodies of water located throughout the trails.
Zip-lining: Feeling adventurous? If so, make sure to check out Go Ape Zip Line, Treetop Adventure and Sandy Springs Adventure Park. At these ziplining parks, you have the opportunity to tackle obstacles, explore the trees from a new perspective and fly around on multiple zip lines from extreme heights. These parks are only 20-25 minutes away, so make sure to go if you are looking for some adventure. “I’ve been zip lining with my family multiple times and it is such a fun experience, which brings my family together,” sophomore Danielle Klein said.

Visit Washington, D.C.: There’s nothing better than being a tourist in our city no matter the number of times you’ve been. There’s always something new to do, whether it’s visiting a new museum, joining a march, or trying different food places you’ve seen on social media food accounts. Although it’s unknown at the time when they will be blooming, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. occurs in mid March through mid April, so it’s likely that they will bloom by spring break. These beautiful flowers scatter throughout the city each year and are always a lovely sight to see and walk through. D.C.

Go to the outlets: With the weather beginning to get warmer during break, the outlets will offer the perfect shopping experience. The newly opened Clarksburg Outlets are a quick 20-minute drive and consist of stores for all ages and even greater deals at the majority of the stores. If you want even more options, you can visit the Leesburg Outlets located in Virginia, which is a 45-minute drive or the Hagerstown Outlets, which is a 55-minute drive. “I love visiting the outlets because they have so many discounts and many different store options,” senior Trent Folk said.


Jordyn Taylor

Senior Features Editor